Pizza & Play-Doh perfume? 10 weird but totally awesome pongs from The Library of Fragrance.

If you ask us what our favourite part of our body is, we’d probably tell you our nose. You may think it’s weird, but think of how many amazing smells there are in this world. Sweet, spicy, musky, fresh, they all get our senses tingling and sets us in different moods.


The Library of Fragrance are proper geniuses with their collection of many different scents – both typical and unusual. We’ve picked out 10 unlikely fragrances that we love and think you’d enjoy, too. Plus, they’re perfect Christmas gifts!

Paperback Cologne

fragrance 1

Beware bookworms, because you may actually be spending book money on something else! This musty and distinctive scent smells like a a cave of treasures for readers, otherwise known as a good old fashioned book shop where you could spend hours finding hidden gems and live in the fictional fantasy world of your choice.


fragrance 2

To be honest, we probably smell like this most of the time, since it’s our favourite food. But if you want to wear it as a really distinctive smell (or to try and be seductive towards Michael Clifford) then why not try this scent? The rich smell of mozzarella and creamy tomato sauce so delicious, you feel like you’re in a pizzeria right in the heart of Italy. *wipes mouth from drool*

Pixie Dust

fragrance 3

Now, we’ve never been able to catch hold of Tinkerbell to see what she actually smells of, but we’re pretty sure it’s exactly the scent of what’s in this fragrance. Fruity, sugary and all round smell of happiness, this is how we imagine Pixie Hollow’s scent would be.


fragrance 4

AKA the smell of nostalgia. We used to play with it all the time as kids and the highly distinctive smell is embedded in our memory forever. But it doesn’t have to be, now, as the geniuses of The Library of Fragrance have managed to capture it in a bottle!

Salt Air

fragrance 5

Living in the UK, we’re not so lucky to have beach weather 24/7, 365. BUT, when we miss the sunny days down by the seaside, we can always reminisce with this lifelike scent of one of our favourite places to go on our holibobs.


fragrance 6

Autumn is our favourite season – the weather is dramatically changing and festiveness is just around the corner. But the feeling of in between summer finishing and winter starting is probably the best thing ever and that’s why this very autumnal scent is just amazing.


fragrance 7

Whether you need to be woken up or just love the smell of coffee houses, this is the fragrance for you. The strong whiff of coffee beans just gets us in the mood to cuddle up with a good film and a nice cuppa.

Christmas in New York

fragrance 8

‘Tis the season to smell festive, falala la la la la la la. And you can achieve it with this gorgeous smell of Christmas in New York, with the combined scents of rich and festive spices, sweet apples and roasting chestnuts. Santa will feel right at home when he gets a load of this perfect pong.

Cinnamon Buns

fragrance 9

We love a sweet smell and what’s more sweet than cinnamon buns? The stunning inhale of freshly baked buns from your local bakery is enough to get you drooling and now you can keep the scent with you at all times thanks to this fragrance! Yum.


fragrance 10

We love to get in touch with our naturalistic side and we do love a spot of gardening with our gran, so this scent reminds us just of that. If you’ve got a green finger, this definitely is a fragrance you should try. Plus, it’s strangely sexy.

So, if you’ve been stuck for a fragrance to buy, we hope we’ve inspired you. Make sure you check out The Library of Fragrance for even more weird and wonderful scents!

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