‘The Jungle Book’ live-action film isn’t all that different to the original… here’s proof

The new live-action version of ‘The Jungle Book‘ has been hitting the top spot of the UK cinema, since its release earlier this month. There’s been a lot of sceptical opinion, saying that it is completely different to the 1967 animated original film. But some Disney fans are inclined to disagree – so much so that they’ve put together a video to prove it.


The amazing people at Oh My Disney have taken footage from the original animated film, and turned it into a trailer. When seen side by side the original footage, and the new trailer really aren’t that different. The sequences are the same – the only difference is the CGI, and live-action Mowgli.

What do you think? Isn’t it amazing – Disney really is magical, and our favourite childhood story is even better in thelatest film. Let us know what you think of this over on Twitter @maximumpop.

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Written by Hannah Lovejoy

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