The Jedi Order has been denied, but this outpouring of love for Billie Lourd proves that the force is still strong

Positive vibes only.

We cannot even imagine the kinds of horrid it must be to lose two much loved family members in a matter of days. Billie Lourd is suffering one of the worst kinds of hurt.

But if any kind of positive can be taken from this, it’s that a community can pull around and show an outpouring of love so strong that it rivals a Jedi’s power in force.

We’ve had the Jedi Order denied as an organised religious group (poo you, people in charge), however, no one can deny that it’s strength has been felt over the last few days. And it’s not just the robe-wearing, lightsaber-swinging family that has come forward to send love and respect to Billie Lourd. ‘Scream Queens’ fans are standing side-by-side their Jedi brothers and sisters.

And it’s beautiful:

Even Gary the dog, who belonged to her mum, is there for her:

And the good people of Twitter are NOT impressed with these antics:

Well, exactly! It’s 100% ok to show your love and support on the socials, but to disrespect someone’s privacy and personal space at a time like this? Not cool.

And her ‘Scream Queens’ co-star sums it up pretty nicely:

This love and support has been felt. The power of well wishes has had an effect:

May the force be with you, Billie.

How do you feel about the actions of those photographers, stealing into the private memorial? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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