10 questions all ‘The Hunger Games’ fans have asked themselves at some point

Real talk: ‘The Hunger Games‘ is everything. Where would we be without it? Whether Team Peeta or Team Gale, there’s no denying the awesomeness of this book series and global franchise.

Still, it might be pretty incredible, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a bunch of questions whilst reading/watching that made us go “WTF?!?!”. So here’s 10 questions all obsessive Hunger Games fans surely asked themselves at some point:

1. Didn’t Peeta have siblings too? Didn’t they love him enough to volunteer in his place?

2. Why were the citizens of the Capitol SO impressed by burning clothes?

Surely they’ve seen more impressive things from the fashion gurus in the city.

3. Why did all the Careers fall asleep while staking out Katniss in the tree?

Seriously, these guys are supposed to have trained for the Games their entire lives and they don’t even have the common sense to make one person stay guard?!


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4. Speaking of the careers, why do they constantly run around like they’re about to break out into song and dance?

5. Where tf did Peeta get his magic cameo paints from?

This should not be possible.

6. Why does Peeta still have both his legs?

Was disability representation not important enough for the big Hollywood producers?

7. When did Katniss get the time to do #flawless makeup in between being the Mockingjay and leading a rebellion?

8. Finnick’s death aka WHY?!

9. What did Katniss and Peeta name their babies? Did they name them after Rue or Prim or Finnick or neither?!

10. What happened after the end of the books?

Give us MORE, Suzanne Collins. MORE!

Do you have any burning questions that still leave you mentally going “?!?!?!?”. Let us know in the comments!

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Fill December with THE most amazing bookish events all around the world.
Fill December with THE most amazing bookish events all around the world.


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