WATCH: The Giver is finally coming to cinemas. Brenton Thwaites be still our beating hearts.

We can’t wait for The Giver to hit cinemas and there’s not long to wait. With the premiere being held in August in NYC it won’t be long until it heads over to the UK side of the pond.

If you haven’t read the book The Giver follows the story of Jonas who lives in the perfect community. There’s no war, pain or suffering, no memories for people to know what real life is like. Jonas is given the important job as the “Receiver of Memories’ he enters into training with an old man called The Giver. Jonas quickly learns that perhaps his community and life isn’t so perfect after all.

Brenton Thwaites who plays Jonas has a fitness factor of 50+


Tay Tay Swizzle also stars in this movie rocking some dark hair!


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