Omar god, I can’t believe it’s The Fooo Conspiracy’s new single only on Maximum Pop!

This week’s column by The Fooo Conspiracy has a very special treat for you – an exclusive premiere of their new single! Here’s Omar with more…


I’m Omar! You know the Venezuelan kid?! I just want to say that you all are lucky because this is my first blog post ever! So I’m sitting on a train with my mom atm on our way home from Stockholm (I am so freaking tired of being on a train every single week (HEEELP!)). We’ve been in Stockholm over the weekend because I had some meetings with the boys and we were in the studio as well working on new songs and ofc ’’Summer Love’’! It feels like I’ve lived in a studio my whole life because we’ve been working a lot in the studio as you might already know… But now it’s time to go to school a whole week YYEEEEYYYY! Not…


I want to tell you all something that I’m really proud of. It’s about our new single that we’re releasing THIS FRIDAY! Summer Love will be my first song that I’ve ever in my whole life released as a songwriter and not just as an artist in the band. The Spanish part that I’m singing in the song is written by me. Just ME! It feels SO GOOD to sing a part of a song that I wrote in my first language. It feels so good to sing my own words. I’M BRINGING SOME OF MY LATINO FLAVOURS TO THE PEOPLE!! I’m super happy and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to Summer Love!


So you might know that our new single is gonna be out April 29th, but if you didn’t know… now you do! TURN UP PEOPLE!!! Don’t forget that we’re releasing our video for the song as well. The video is one of my favourites because it’s really simple, easy going and has a really nice summer vibe, and I look a little sassy hehehe… ;) I’m just kidding y’all!


That was it guys! Thank you so much from me, thank you Maximum Pop! for being awesome! But most of all I want to thank all our fans! Los amo mucho. Ready to hear the song? Cause I’m bringing the premiere to you right here, right now, ENJOY!!!!



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