10 The Fooo Conspiracy performances you need in your life

The Fooo Conspiracy can not only dance and sing, but they’re also pretty good writers too. (Check out their MP! column). In celebration of them being multi-talented, we put together our top 10 performances, give your ears a listen.


1. A medley. What more could you want?

2. We still don’t know how they can sing and dance like that at the same time

3. Vocals on point, as per

4. We’ll run with you guys, always

5. It’s nice to see a really chilled out performance from The Fooo

6. Smashing it as usual with the dancing and vocals

7. We’d ‘Whistle’ but we’re too busy staring at those trousers

8.  Foetus The Fooo melts our hearts

9. Some serious dance skills right there, can we have a lesson?

10. Don’t step on their ‘Kangaroos’

Some great performances there, which one was your favourite? Let us know over on Twitter @maximumpop, we really loved ‘Kangaroos’ and their medley.

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