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The Fooo Conspiracy talk new music, touring and ice cream in their LAST EVER MP! column

We’re trying our best not to cry as we share with you the final column from The Fooo Conspiracy. If you want to read them all over again, you can click here. For the last time, take it away lads… 

This is our last blog you guys, just when we started to get used to this… But you know where to find us, just go to our Twitter, Insta or Facebook and we’ll stay in touch! And although our column is coming to an end, FOOO is just getting started!

Outside the studio

In the picture above you see us outside of our studio where we spend a lot of time, the reason really is because we’re working towards an album. We’re so excited to be creative and doing what we love, can’t wait to be back on tour, meet all of you guys, share our new music and just have the best time ever! As you may have noticed we have changed our sound in music in the last couple of songs which is pretty different from what we had before. All of us really like it and we’ve gotten so much positive response from all of you out there and we can’t thank you enough! It’s an interesting and intense working process to create our sound and it feels so good to be able to influence which direction to go with our music. To feel that the four of us got the same vision and ambition for it. More songs are on the radar and right now we’re just trying to figure out what to pick from our baggage. So exciting!

Speaking of best time ever – have you seen the weather in Stockholm right now?! For real, it’s summer! All four of us love the sun and like all Swedes we wait most of the year for it. But you never know in Sweden, it could start snowing suddenly so we just wanna embrace it as much as possible by just hanging around and eat plenty of ICE CREAM. If you’re not from Sweden you should definitely try out our summer. Trust us, it’s a bucket list ’’check” to accomplish.

olly felix

We don’t tell you this often enough but we want you to know that we never take you for granted and we are FOOO together, without your support none of this would’ve been possible. Our fans really are the best fans ever, #fooofamily <3

We know you have so many questions and it’s hard to make time to answer all of them, there fore we’ve collected some questions that we will answer right here and now, ready?!

What do you think of your music and do you listen to your own songs?

We’ve always liked our music but in different ways. Our previous songs were really good to perform with, to dance and flip to! Our most recent songs have a little more mature sound which fits a wider audience, and we love listening to it which is a new feeling for us. For an instance, after being in the studio recording vocals and then receive the demo from the producer, jump in the car to drive home and listen to it is an extraordinary feeling!

Will you be touring this year?

You all know that’s all we wanna do, perform for you guys with this fantastic new music! For now we’re doing some TV shows here in Sweden but keep requesting us to your city and we might show up. We got so many ideas that we wanna do on stage and with you so don’t worry. Performances will appear soon enough, but everything is not 100% done, that’s why we wanna wait on telling you the big news until when we’re ready. It takes time and hard work to put up a tour for example, just because we do everything pretty much by ourselves when it comes to performances including dance, flips, stages ideas etc. As always we wanna top what we’ve done recently and we’re 4 optimists in a nutshell… haha! Whatever, we’ll be back out there when you least expect it. Hang in there!

Where do you find inspiration?

That’s so different, sometimes it’s from each other, our friends and family. Sometimes it’s from an artist we listen to like Omar has Rihanna or Olly has different dance artists. It’s weird how you get affected by everything that’s surrounding you, not only people or music but also the environment we’re living in. I mean, suddenly you can get inspired by an event that’s happening out on the streets or just by some cool architecture that we choose to use in a performance. We love being creative!

Dream collaboration? 

When we get this question we could mention 100 people right off. There are so many great artists and other profiles out there that we would love to collaborate with. It would also be fun to do something with some of our label mates such as Zara Larsson or Erik Hassle who we know and have a personal contact with. Who knows… We may have a collaboration under the radar right now? ;)

How do you prepare for a performance? 

It depends, but we usually gather up right before and talk to each other about all the important stuff we need to remember so that we don’t break our necks for instance in the flips haha. No but then we also speak with the crew and other involved people and you can hear people screaming outside in the arena and your adrenaline starts boiling inside of you! What a feeling!

2016 started out so well and we can’t wait to keep on going. One highlight so far really is our latest single ’Summer Love’, we’ve never gotten this good response for a song before and it just feels amazing!! If you’ve missed it, have a listen here and spread it if you like it as much as we do!

Video shoot

Right now graduation is coming up for Oscar and Olly. They’re so so so excited for school to come to an end. They’ve been working so hard and we support them 100%. It’s gonna be such a great summer with everything coming up. New music, new performances all over the world and meeting you! We got the best fans in the whole world no doubt about it, I mean we won a Swedish Grammy for it. Peace!

Much love // Felix, Olly, Oscar & Omar

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