Felix is dreaming of a beautiful summer in this week’s exclusive Fooo Conspiracy column!

The Fooo Conspiracy are back with another update on life as the biggest boyband in Sweden, and this week we’re treated to the lovely Felix sharing his thoughts.

What’s up!

It’s time for the fourth member to speak! You’ve heard a lot from ”the Os” now, but here comes ”the F”! Yes, I’m Felix and if you didn’t know, our band name is actually based on the first letters in our names. Felix, Oscar, Olly and Omar = Fooo! Haha, I can hear y’all who didn’t know go ”Ahaaaaaa now I get it!” ;) Since we started off by talking about the band name, let me tell you about the Conspiracy part.

So, we actually started of as just The Fooo but later on we decided to add “Conspiracy” because of the fans. We wanted to add the fans to our band name because they are our other half, they are a part of the band as much as we are. Media had talked about the relationship between us and our fans, they said that it was like a conspiracy, so we took that as our name! Fooo + Foooers = ?

Fooo fans

Right now I’m sitting outside in the sun. I love the sun! Not that I get very tanned haha, but I like it and it makes me feel well. Overall, I like summer, and summer has kind of arrived here in Sweden! It just feels like people are happier and I feel more free. You can be outside more, have late nights out with your friends and maybe take a swim! Perfect time to listen to our new single ”Summer love” that we premiered here on MP!. It’s out on Spotify now and I’ve heard that we’ve got a bunch of UK listeners, that’s really fun, thank you so much! Keep listening, sharing and enjoying :)

I’m a bit jealous of people who are living in Los Angeles or Brazil or Tanzania, you know all the hot places where the sun is always shining, but at the same time I like to live in Northern Europe because we can look forward to something! And sometimes I like snow too, because I like to ski… You know what, I like both, so in the future maybe I should get a house in LA and an apartment in London? I WISH lol!

Me Ocean

As the other guys told you before, we’ve been in the studio a lot lately working on new songs. ‘Summer Love’ is one of them. I really like to write songs and I’ve really gotten my head into it! I get very emotional sometimes haha :P Me and Olly have also started to produce some music, it’s mad fun and who knows, maybe we’ll produce a Fooo song in the future!

That was all from me today guys, thank you for keeping up with us! Thank you Maximum Pop! See you in the next one!

Much love
// Felix

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