Olly from The Fooo Conspiracy spills his side of the story exclusively to MP! including the beginning of the band

Every Thursday The Fooo Conspiracy will be writing an EXCLUSIVE column for us. You can’t find this anywhere else! Here’s Olly with an update…


Olly here! I just woke up, it’s 11 o’clock here in Stockholm (Sweden) right now so I’m pretty late I would say. But hey, who doesn’t love sleeping, haha. Oscar basically covered all the subjects that’s going on right now such as studio, school, wanderlust, new music, and future performances. Which now makes it hard for me to come up with something to write about…

I don’t know if my daily breakfast is interesting to write about but if you’re really curious it’s yogurt, orange juice and some kind of healthy smoothie, I like fruits. I’ve been entering a new phase in my life that’s very healthy so been working out a lot and eating good. Getting Omar and the other guys to the gym is a battle of its own kind, haha.

Olly Foo

What I really wanna talk about though is the beginning of The Fooo Conspiracy and the first experience meeting the boys, how proud I am of us and where we are right now.

olly foo 1

A lot of you guys reading this already know this stuff but look at it as a fast recap and if you haven’t heard about this you could just see it as the new Fooo Wikipedia page. Felix, Oscar and I have known each other for a long time, probably since we were 7-8 years old. We danced at the same dance school in Stockholm. We became close friends very quickly and did some musicals and TV shows as dancers and musical artists together. We then got the opportunity to enter an audition for our now record company. At that time we were 14-15 years old with no idea of what our future would hold. We three got picked together with our now best bud Omar. We started to record a lot of street performances just for fun and with no idea of what it would lead to more than getting people to see us.

olly fooo 2

Then suddenly Justin Bieber’s management wanted to have us as their opening act in Sweden. Thank you internet and social media! Not only was it an enormous gig for us, it was our first one as The Fooo. That gave us an amazing start and we set our mindset to never reach for something else than the top. That’s something I’ve always admired with us, we have a clear mindset and a hell of a willingness to give our all for our dreams.

Interestingly enough, the day I’m writing this it’s three years since our first ever video (‘Kangaroos’) came out on 18th April 2013. Look at us now and what we have accomplished. For example we actually had our very own show at the same venue where we supported Justin Bieber. But trust me when I’m saying we’re not done hustlin’ – we have new goals to reach with our new music, which is crazy good if I may say so myself. Helmets on cause here we go! PEACE!

Olly Fooo

 // Olly

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