The Fooo Conspiracy column is BACK with Oscar giving you the 411

Every Thursday The Fooo Conspiracy will be writing an EXCLUSIVE column for us. You can’t find this anywhere else! Here’s Oscar with an update…

Hello everyone!

Oscar here, and right now I’m taking a break in one of our studios here in Stockholm. Me and the boys got a lot to do right now and we’re trying to put the last fixes into new music and most of all, ‘Summer Love.’ This song is very close to me and is one of my personal favourites, I promise you this song will get you out of focus this summer. Late nights, hot evenings and summer love. Just wait for it. Below is a picture from a video shoot we did for ‘Summer Love.’

Oscar 1

Speaking of summer, I can’t wait to finally get back in the game. We’ve been under the radar lately, working a lot on songwriting but this summer it’s time to get back out there again. We will do various gigs and we can’t wait to finally perform and meet all of you guys! It’s you who get us going and gave us this rare opportunity to do what we love. Who knows, maybe it’s concert time soon. What do you think?

Oscar 2Aside from working on our music, Olly and I are right now trying to combine the last part of school as we are actually GRADUATING in June! AAAAH, so so excited and it will be such a relief. After graduating we can finally focus on the music only and do what we love. On the other hand school is important hehe…

I’m listening to our new music right now and its so worth the wait if you think we’re slow… ;) I have to run back to the studio now, time to record something in Spanish haha… Will see how that goes.

Oscar 3

Thank you for reading and keeping up with us. We love you and can’t wait for you to hear all the new material. It’s gonna be an exciting summer!

Love Oscar. x

Can’t wait for the next column from The Fooo Conspiracy? Check out their new video for ‘My Girl’ below.

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