SJ Kincaid’s deadly mix of The Hunger Games, Westworld & Star Wars promises to be your new favourite book

SJ Kincaid’s ‘The Diabolic’ will give you serious “this is all my faves in one” vibes while also striking out in its own unique way. And literally, you need to add it to your TBR. Stat.


Still not convinced? Try these reasons on for size:

1. It’s set in frickin’ space. Fans of Pierce Brown’s ‘Red Rising’ series or Alexandra Duncan’s ‘Salvage’ will get a serious kick out of it.


2. AI. There’s no other way to really describe what the Diabolic are, what Nemesis is, other than an AI protection bot? Of course, as you begin to get stuck into the book she becomes so much more than that. It’s giving us ‘Westworld’ tingles all over and we love it.


3. Big themes, quietly spoken. That means you’ve got a lot to think about with this book, but it’s not shoved down your throat. It doesn’t shout about morality and humanity and progress. It just drags you through one HECK of an adventure instead. Move now, ask questions later.


4. Nemesis. Her name alone is compelling enough, right? But she’s such an interesting character, even more interesting that we actually get to see the world through her eyes.


5. It’s not too short. You don’t suddenly find yourself near the end with a derp face because there was so much left to explore. No, no, Kincaid takes the time to develop the characters, the world (galaxy?) they live in, and the plot. #readersatisfaction


6.  Unputdownable. You will have to seriously take our word for it. But for real, once you start, you won’t want to stop.

So now you better be on board! Because this is one book that’s gonna skyrocket into the top reads of 2016. And who wants to miss out on that?

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Written by Sarah Clare

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