17 people who are losing their flippin’ minds over ‘The Diabolic’

SJ Kincaid’s SF thriller of a book is about to launch into the stratosphere of the best reads of 2016. Truth.


And don’t think we’re the only ones raving about it. We’re are not the minority, and here’s the proof:

1. Forget leagues, ‘The Diabolic’ is in a world of its own:

2. It’s gripping:

3. A flippin’ page turner:

4. It’s throwing all self-control outta the window:


6. #unique

"Human history is a repetition of patterns. Empires rise and then fall into decadence and decay. Time and again. Ages ago, human beings progressed technologically at an exponential rate. We expanded into space, we left Earth and traveled the galaxy." The Diabolic was definitely unique. It takes place in a futuristic outer space society where a number of empires varying in prestige are constantly at odds both ideologically, and in terms of power. In this world "diabolics" are humanoid body guards, bred to be vicious killers, who are bound to protect one person as long as they shall live. The main character is Nemesis, a diabolic who due to unfortunate circumstances finds herself impersonating her charge in the kingdom. I finished The Diabolic a couple of days ago, and though I started off with some very mixed feelings about it, I fully came around in the end. I received an advanced copy from @sjkincaidbooks and dove right into it. It reminded me a lot of Red Rising, in that the book takes place in a highly structured, futuristic, outer space world. I think the reason I had such a hard time getting into it at first was because as hard as I try, the sci-fi element just doesn't grab me the way I always think it will. Just as I was about ready to give up, everything turned around, and FAST! There were Red Queen like plot twists and betrayals, and once you get about 175 pages it gets crazy! I think it took me four days to get to page 200, and then I read the rest of it (another 200 pages) all in one sitting! If you can get through the beginning, I think it is definitely worth the read. Plus it is a standalone novel which I find refreshing. As much as I love a good series, I am getting a little sick of the dystopian YA trilogies that go on for too long with an inevitably disappointing third book (I'm looking at you Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, 5th Wave etc). The Diabolic comes out November 1st! So if crazy outer space stories are up your alley, make sure you add this to your To Read list! #Diabolic #simonandschuster #ARC #thediabolic #advancecopy #arcbook #scifi #simonteen #book #books #bookpics #bookish #bookstagram #booklover #instabooks #reading #read

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7. You’ll be sad its over:

8. Insta love with this book? Mebbe.

9. Snuggle up and settle down to a stonking good read:

10. And you know it’s got TWO covers, right?

11. Even cats are fans:

12. #hooked

13. 5 star reviews, no less!

14. Inspiring nail art? *gasp*

15. And this is nothing short of amazing:

16. More high praise:

17. Trust us. You’ll be hooked.

Are you excited for this book? If you’ve already read it, does it get a 5/5 from you? Tell us in the comments below!

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