“The cuteness was so overwhelming”: MP!er Dani reviews ‘Finding Audrey’ by Sophie Kinsella

If you haven’t already noticed, this month at MP! we’re obsessing over Sophie Kinsella’s latest creation, ‘Finding Audrey’. Stepping away from the shopping malls and pretty scarves of her Shopaholic series, Kinsella tells the story of Audrey, a girl dealing with anxiety. And writing notes to cute boys. And maybe going to Starbucks with them. Maybe.

MP!er Dani thinks she’ll definitely be checking out the rest of Kinsella’s books after this one.

Name: Dani Werner
Age: 231477340_10152672139123897_240853412783605973_n.jpg
Favourite Starbucks order: Hot chocolate

1. Have you read any of Sophie Kinsella’s books before, like the Shopaholic series? If not, would you consider doing so after reading ‘Finding Audrey’?

I’d never read a Sophie Kinsella book until this one, and I’ll definitely be checking out her other books now.

2. What did you think of the cover?

I honestly loved it. The colours are gorgeous and really pop – no Instagram filters necessary! I loved how Sophie blended in with the background, as it showed what she was trying to achieve.

3. How do you think this book handled the issue of anxiety and mental health?

I think the book handled this really well, making it more relatable and helping the reader to have an idea of what it feels like to have anxiety.

4. Do you think the comedy worked well in balancing such serious topics?

I know some people have found this offensive (on Goodreads), but I think this is where the book shines. When you have a mental illness, you don’t stop being a person with a sense of humour. Yes, it can be hard to see the humour in things when going through an ‘episode’, but you’re still you. (I know from experience of depression.) I really do believe Finding Audrey helped to show Audrey as being more than her mental illness; she was still a teenage girl with interests and other feelings (not just anxiety) and a family. The comedy helped to build this more holistic image of her and her life.

5. Which character can you relate most to?

I could definitely relate to Audrey. It helps that I, too, have a brother obsessed with computer games who went through a phase of competitive gaming (League of Legends). I was laughing out loud at their mother, who sounded just like mine!

6. What did you think of Linus and Audrey’s relationship?

The way Linus helped to encourage Audrey and genuinely tried to understand her was amazing. He was also so sweet; there were parts where I had to just hug the book and make weird noises because the cuteness was so overwhelming.


  • Daily Mail – great or trash?  Trash, but great for laughs
  • Coconut ice-cream – yuck or yum?  YUM! I had this for the first time a couple of months ago and it was amazing!
  • Computer games – love or hate? Love :D
  • Dares – fun or terrifying? Terrifying (I’ve always preferred truths)

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