October’s MP! Book Club: ‘The Cure For Dreaming’ by Cat Winters

We’re Book Club crazy this month here at Maximum Pop! As the nights are getting darker and colder we’ve got the best books in the business for you to feast those greedy eyeballs on. From the Morris Award finalist Cat Winters ‘The Cure For Dreaming’ will leave you wondering if you’re really seeing people are they truly are…


Olivia Mead is a headstrong, independent girl in an age that prefers its girls to be docile. Her father, concerned that she’s headed for trouble, convinces a stage mesmerist to try to hypnotize the rebellion out of her. But the hypnotist, an intriguing young man named Henri Reverie, instead gives her a terrible gift: the ability to see people’s true natures, manifested as visions of darkness and goodness, while being unable to speak her true thoughts out loud. Olivia is drawn into a dangerous relationship with the hypnotist and his mysterious motives, even as she secretly fights for the rights of women. Winters breathes new life into history once again with an atmospheric, vividly real story. Archival photographs and art from the period is interspersed throughout.

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