How to Princess: The ultimate guide to royally rockin’ it, inspired by ‘The Crown’ by Kiera Cass

With the release of Kiera Cass’s ‘The Crown’, we may weep at the finale of a great series, but more than anything, we despair at not being able to dive into this world anymore to pretend WE WERE LIVING IT!


So, just in case you got yourself some ‘Selection’ blues, here’s how to pick yo’self up. Here’s how to princess:

1. Choose your side! Are you a classic fairy tale/Disney princess wannabe?


Or are we talkin’ the SF/Fantasy type?

star wars

2. Either way, it’s important to befriend all the animals. Like this:


Or like this:

star wars

3. Make a statement with your appearance. Appearances are NOT everything, but having that one thing that will immortalise you, THAT’S the key:

the lion king 2

Even if it’s a winning smile. (why gotta be human?)

4. Sass. And lots of it.

sleeping beauty

5. Princes are cool. But don’t take no crap from them. YOU’RE the princess, after all.

star wars

6. Still, it helps to hold a certain kind of decorum, manners, etiquette…


…or not.

7. Got chores? Welp. Better call in a favour with those animal friends you made earlier:

snow white

8. The grand entrance. Every princess has her moment. Make yours count.
beauty and the beast

9. If you want to live in a world where inanimate objects are your best buds, then you live that dream. Who DOESN’T want this lot as their #squad?

beauty and the beast

10. And another thing about those princes: It’s completely acceptable to demand he remain in his previous form. You’re not changin’ for no one, and neither should he.

beauty and the beast

Also, we don’t mind admitting crushing on the beast before he got his human face back. Gaww!

11. Shoes.

glass slipper

12. Say yes to corsets…


…Say no to corsets.


Say “into the garbage chute, flyboy!”

star wars

13. Get a horse.


14. Wear your hair down. Preferable in a strong wind.



15.  Again. Those princes. They dumb. You can princess just fine without them.


16. Because you’ll never be lonely. Not when you’ve got friends as cute as this:


17. Never forget to own it. Enjoy it. Because who da queen? You are. Someday.


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Also, don’t forget you can still get your copy of ‘The Crown’ right here.

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