Adventure, strong women, and all the other reasons you NEED to read ‘The Broken Trilogy’

It ain’t no secret that we’re pretty much obsessed with the distorted 40s dystopian series ‘The Broken Trilogy’. L.A. Weatherly is a writing genius (with extraordinary bookshelves, may we add) but we put her skills to the ultimate test:

10 lucky MP!ers were offered the chance to read and review both ‘Broken Sky‘ and its epic new sequel ‘Darkness Follows‘ and here’s why they loved it so much:

Have you read ‘Darkness Follows’ yet? If yes: *YAY!* Tell us what you loved the most about it @maximumpopbooks so we can girl together.

If no: For shame! Grab your copy here and start IMMEDIATELY.

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We can all relate to this level of Cassandra Clare love *heart eyes*

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