The reason for the #TheBoysAreBack hashtag is the best thing you’ll see today

Not gunna lie, we were pretty miffed when the ‘High School Musical‘ reunion happened and Zac Efron wasn’t there. We get it. He’s a busy guy. But there’s no such thing as a ‘HSM’ reunion without Troye friggin’ Bolton. Right? Right.


Just look at this happy bunch of people WITHOUT THEIR LEADING MAN.

We’re fine. Honestly. Our hopes and dreams have been completely shattered. We don’t have trust issues at all.

For real though, we were a little sad that some of those epic duets couldn’t be re-enacted, because Zefron was a no show. Still, it looks like the rest of the ‘HSM’ bunch had fun.

And anyway, it’s all good. Turns out our prayers have been answered, our trust restored. Because Zac hung out with Lucas Gabreel and Corbin Bleu last night!



Are you as ecstatic about this as we are? Honestly, we may or may not be in the process of going through our ‘HSM’ playlists.

Comment below with your fave lyrics from the franchise and also, like, scream about the fact the boys are flippin’ BACK!

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