The Boy Who Lied. These shocking pics from the ‘Harry Potter’ set show the golden trio like you’ve never seen before


New pictures have been released showing the ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ cast prepping for scenes in the Forbidden Forest. Which doesn’t sound like anything you haven’t seen before…

…but trust us when we say that these photos will completely blow your mind. It’s bizarre and it’s odd and we imagine it’s a lot like being put under the confundus charm. 

This first one is fair enough. The trio talking to the director. Yep. That’s normal.

Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection

But this NEXT photo is about to do things to your mind that not even magic can reverse. It’s Harry, Ron and Hermione but there’s something markedly different…

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WHAT?! Who. How. Huh. They are the body doubles. And wow they’re convincing, actually. Just look at Ron’s double, he’s got that trademark slouch down perfectly. If you let your eyes unfocus you can readily believe it’s the real threesome. But then bring look at it properly and BAM! Weird.

Want to see more? Because Hagrid’s photo is going to obliviate your brain entirely. Just click on the page numbers below. And then don’t forget to tell us how freaked out you are in the comments below!


Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection

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