We got up close and personal with your favourite new boyband The Bomb Digz

Let us introduce you to some friends of MP!

The Bomb Digz are three lads who have blown up on social media in the last couple of years, having achieved amazing success on and YouTube, and their star just keeps rising. Basically, they’re your new fave boyband. Seriously.

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Get to know the members…



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Hi guys!! How’re you doing! We wanted to chat a bit about your massive presence on! What is your fave vid you’ve done?

Kevin: “Timmy Turner”– Desiigner

Devin: My favorite video that we’ve done has to be “Me Myself and I” by G. Easy!

Danny: ‘Cold Water’ feat. Lucki Starr

Incidentally Devin is related to another MP! amiga, Lucki Starr, who we chatted to last week about how to become a successful Viner.


Do you think that social media stars are more relatable than traditional pop stars?

Kevin: Yeah, because now with social media you feel more connected with the person, almost like you know them.

Devin: Yes, I do because social media is a great way to be able to connect with your fans. Traditional pop stars might not do too much on social media!

Danny: Yes, because you get to know them a lot more and it feels like it’s on a more “personal” level!

How did it feel the first time you got recognized by a fan?

Kevin: It’s a cool experience, it’s good to know your hard work pays off and people like it!

Devin: I was very shocked that she recognized me… it was definitely a great feeling!

Danny:  I don’t really remember the first time, but it’s amazing every time we do get noticed.

Which boyband past or present do you most admire?

Kevin: The Jackson 5

Devin: I think I have learned and picked up a few things from different groups like One Direction, Boyz II Men, and The Jackson 5.

Danny: Not really a specific one, but I take a few notes and am inspired by artist from the 90’s.


What’s one thing about you that the rest of the band doesn’t know?

Kevin: We’re like brothers I don’t think there’s anything they don’t know about me.

Devin: I don’t think there is anything my bros don’t know about me.

Danny: Nothing haha

Well that settles that then 😂 😂 😂What do you think about the trend of girls wearing no make up?

Kevin: It’s lit, I like confidence and natural beauty.

Danny: It’s dope, natural beauty is cute.

Devin: I think girls are naturally beautiful, and don’t need makeup…however, if girls think it’s fun to get dressed up, and put makeup on I support that as well!

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What’s the funniest prank you’ve ever pulled?

Kevin: On tour, I got one of our friends to think we were coming to his hotel room to chill, and the other boys busted in and soaked him and his room with water guns & silly string.

Devin: I agree with Kev on that one, that was crazzzzyyyy!

Danny: Idk there’s so many.

If you could talk to animals what would you tell them?

Devin: Honestly, probably way too much!!! My dogs and I are very close, and I really feel like we have our own communication already, lol.

Danny:  I would eat food with them, then ask them to tell me their favorite!

Kevin: Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @the_bomb_digz, “with a z”, one more time now, and the animals would sing our chant!!


What’s your top tip for dealing with haters online?

Devin: Honestly, let them hate…haters watching your stuff is just getting you more exposure so let it be, and never let anyone get you down!

Danny: Haters are our motivators!Kevin: Haters are our motivators!!

Which cartoon character would you want to hang out with for a day?

Danny: Timmy Turner

Kevin: Timmy Timmy Timmy Turner

Devin: Johnny Test was always very “gizzy” on his show!

FACT: The Bomb Digz are literally listed as the definition for the word “gizzy” in the ‘Urban Dictionary’. That’s when you know you’ve made it. 


Can you recommend a really cool app you’ve discovered that we should all check out?  

Devin: ‘Rolling Sky’

Kevin:  ‘Flip Diving’

Danny:  ‘Flip Diving’ for sure!

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Thanks for chatting to us guys! Make sure you follow The Bomb Digz on Twitter, Insta, YouTube and! They are also supporting Jacob Sartorius on his current US tour. You can get tickets here.

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