Seven times our fave pop stars were turned into memes and broke the internet

The power of the internet is very real.


Within a moment’s notice, your fave can go from superstar pop star to meme sensation. Sometimes for the good, sometimes… Not so good.


From Ariana’s scared of feathers moment to Skai Jackson’s unimpressed face, to Selena’s smile and of course… Poot Lovato, no one is safe from the perils of meme life. Memes have completely taken over our lives and changed the way we communicate with our friends forever.


We’ve collected together some of our favourites and honestly, you should probably grab some tissues now because it’s pretty damn hilarious.

1) Keke Palmer’s ‘gag’ – Keke’s been gagging on Snapchat for a while but recently went on Late Night With Seth Myers to explain what it means.

Since then, everybody’s got a gag.

2) Ariana Grande is afraid of feathers: During Ari’s performance at the 2014 Victoria’s Secret, he appeared to be totally frightened by model Elsa Hosk’s feathered wings.


Of course, the internet took it and ran with it.




3) Mariah’s Chipotle moment: Originally taken back in 2011 when Mariah was pregnant with twins, this pic resurfaced in 2015 because everyone loves Chipotle and this is totally relatable.

TRUE LIFE! @chipotlemexicangrill #chipotle

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Then there’s Mariah with a baby Ariana because #internet.


4) Clean Xtina vs Dirrrty Xtina: Which one are you?

5) Jesy’s accent challenge gone wrong: A six second Vine ruined Jesy’s moment in the Accent Challenge. BALENGEH!


6) The Power of Skai Jackson: Disney star Skai Jackson was merely waiting to appear on a US TV show…

… Then this happened.


7) Poot Lovato: Demi’s secret sister gained a life of it’s own. Delete it fat.


We’re literally in tears right now.


What are your favourite pop star meme moments? Point us in the right direction @maximumpop

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