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Amazing Album alert: The 1975 – ‘I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It’

The 1975 have always kept us on our toes. After posting cryptic comics and deleting their social media accounts in 2015, we were worried a break up was on the cards. Instead, The 1975 reinvented their image, beginning a new chapter. They ditched their black and white theme, favoured fluorescent pink and released their second album, ‘I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It.’ It’s a mouthful of a title, featuring an even longer track list… but is it any good? We listened to all 17 songs (and had the album on repeat all week) to take you through a track-by-track review.


TRACK 01: The 1975
This hypnotic track is an introduction to the album. With disjointed lyrics and layered vocals, it showcases sounds that will be prominent throughout the 16 tracks ahead.

TRACK 02: Love Me
OOH! We know this one! ‘Love Me‘ was the first song we heard from The 1975’s new era and it’s super exciting!

With 80’s INXS and Bowie vibes, the song is quirky, colourful and a little crazy. Did we mention we loved the direction of the music video? Hello Harry Styles!

Where ‘Love Me’ is a pop anthem, ‘UGH’! is a little more mellow and a little more funky. It’s still super catchy and shows how clever Matty’s lyrics are… personal and always charismatic!

TRACK 04: Change Of Heart
The first ballad-y song of the album. It’s sombre, yet captivating, evident in Matty’s vocals, often whispered and echoed. It hits us right in the feels! There’s even rumours this break-up track was inspired by Taylor Swift!

TRACK 05: She’s American
HERE WE GO! ‘She’s American’ has us pulling out some of Matty’s famous dance moves. It’s cheeky, fun and full of energy. The synth is so 80’s, layered with The 1975’s traditional guitar riffs … AND THERE’S A SAXAPHONE! It’s maximum poptastic!


TRACK 06: If I Believe You
This one is eclectic, passionate and powerful. It has a slow start, but builds into the most captivating chorus. Wait until you hear the gospel choir supporting Matty’s vocals…we swear we saw heaven.

TRACK 07: Please Be Naked
Well, this was a surprise! Who knew an instrumental track could evoke so much emotion! The piano pulls your heartstrings, the bass builds tension and if you give this song a chance, you become fascinated by the sounds.

TRACK 08: Lostmyhead
Lostmyhead has minimal lyrics, echoed and repeated. It’s quite moody and chaotic. The synth is piercing and eventually, the guitar soars and takes the song to new heights…unexpected but brilliant.

TRACK 09: The Ballad Of My Brain
This track also feels quite moody. It’s clever and chaotic, the perfect follow up to ‘Lostmyhead.’ Matty’s rough voice and fast-paced lyrics cut through sharply. The song flies by, peaking quickly and ending abruptly.

TRACK 10: Somebody Else
Oooh we know this song! ‘Somebody Else’ is a standout – 80’s pop vibes, with a modern twist. It’s mesmerising. Matty’s vocals range from quiet whispers to strong echoes. Every sound is layered flawlessly and produced perfectly. We’re not sure how it can break our hearts and make us super relaxed all at once, but it does, and we love it.


Track 11: Loving Someone
If this is the closest we’ll get to Matty rapping, we’ll take it! While there are repetitive echoes of “you should be loving someone,” the rapping in verses provides an interesting contrast, complimented by an almost hip-hop beat.

Track 12: I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It
The title track is similar to ‘Lostmyhead’, mostly instrumental with little lyrics. The modern sounds are synched together seamlessly, bright & bubbly, but it did remind us of an 80’s video game at times.

Track 13: The Sound
POP PERFECTION! You’ll have this stuck in your head FOREVER! It’s super fun, even though we needed a dictionary for the second verse. Thanks Matty. This is a favourite at MP! and you can bet we’re dancing to it whenever we hear it!

Track 14: This Must Be My Dream
FLAWLESS! It’s a dream listening to this track. It feels like you’re floating on clouds. Matty’s echoed vocals, mixed with edgy cries AND the gospel choir is truly a magical experience. PLUS THERE’S A SAX SOLO! You’ll love this one. We can’t wait to hear the song live!


Track 15: Paris
‘Paris’ reminds us of The Police. It’s very 80’s, very repetitive and even if you haven’t been to Paris, you’ll be feeling nostalgic by Matty’s memories.

Track 16: Nana
Another surprise, in the form of a tender acoustic. It’s beautiful, breathtaking and heartbreaking; the tearjerker of the album. Matty’s lyrics, for his late Nana, are powerful and raw…just beautiful.

Track 17: She Lays Down
This song is also acoustic, raw and simple. As the last song on the album, it provides a quiet finish and the lyrics are quite deep.


Overall? We love the album. You’re going to love the album. It’s incredible! The 1975 have created an album that is cohesive and captivating, innovative and intriguing. Oh, and it just went to #1 in the UK! Congratulations boys! It’s truly a masterpiece and will definitely be one of the best albums of 2016!

What do you lot think of the album? Let us know your thoughts and your favourite song over on our Twitter @maximumpop.

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