The 100 recap: Get your tissues out!

How is everybody feeling? Betrayed? Ruined? Heartbroken? Same. We’re devastated. We’re crushed. No one talk to us for the next two months. Thanks. In the mean time, we have another The 100 recap for you all.

[SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen this week’s episode (S3 EP7 ‘THIRTEEN’) of The 100, please do not read any further.]


97 years ago: 


This week, we flashback to Polaris on Unity Day 97 years ago. Two scientists are working on a second AI after the first one wasn’t a success. However, another scientist warns them that A.L.I.E. 1 has escaped and has activated launch codes for nuclear bombs. The scientists can do nothing but watch the earth get wiped out. One of the scientists, Becca, refuses to stop working on A.L.I.E. 2 and as a result, an attack on Polaris was authorised. She and A.L.I.E. 2 narrowly escaped all thanks to an escape pod.


As Becca lands on earth, ‘Commander’ Becca is recognised as a goddess by the people already on the earth. She says she’s ‘here to help’ and guess what? Her suit has ‘Commander’ on it, so she becomes the very first Commander. She also has an infinity symbol tattooed on her neck.

Present day: It’s Ascension Day and everyone is meeting to honour all the Commanders before them. That is rudely interrupted by the Grounders, whose village was attacked, who bring Octavia (as their prisoner) to Lexa.

Octavia has had enough of Clarke defending Lexa, so she takes matters in to her own hands and pays a visit to a weakened Indra. Octavia tells her that she can just die like that or she can go back to Arkadia and get her revenge. Eventually, Indra agrees.


Octavia tells Clarke to head back to Arkadia to help her stop Pike. She agrees and goes to say goodbye to Lexa. They end up having sex before Clarke’ departure. As Clarke heads back to her room, she finds a tied up Murphy with Titus. He’s wielding a gun and plans to frame Murphy for Clarke’s murder. BUT HIS PLAN LITERALLY BACKFIRES AS HE ACCIDENTALLY ENDS UP SHOOTING LEXA (she obviously came in to protect her lover and got caught in the crossfire).


WE’RE ALREADY DONE. Clexa fans, WE FEEL FOR YOU RIGHT NOW. Jason literally pulled a Shonda Rhimes. Lexa sadly ends up dying, along with our hearts.

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But what happens next is pretty interesting. After Clarke and Lexa’s emotional goodbye to each other, Titus removes the A.L.I.E. 2 chip (that’s right) from the back of Lexa’s neck – where she has the same symbol as Becca – explaining that it contains the memories and wisdom of all former Commanders.

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