‘The 100’ recap: The 13th Station

Damn, The 100 keeps getting more interesting every episode. Last week saw the deaths of over 300 Grounders thanks to Chancellor Pike and his army (yes, including Bellamy) and Lexa agreed that ‘blood must not have blood’ this time.

Now, check out our recap of S3 EP6 ‘Bitter Harvest’.

Clarke’s decision: The episode begins with Clarke drawing a picture of Lexa while she’s sleeping (so cute). Lexa wakes up from a nightmare where the commanders’ deaths occurred. Her dream is basically a warning that the commanders think Lexa’s betraying their legacy by not going to war with the Sky Crew.

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Clarke reassures her that she’s doing the right thing ad there will be peace but Lexa still isn’ so sure. One of Lexa’s men brings in a big box which is a gift from King Roan. So what’s inside? Carl Emerson – the guy who helped initiate the bone marrow treatment. Yikes. He attacks Clarke.


Lexa calls Clarke into a meeting. Titus says he wants to kill the last of the Mountain Men and Clarke fully agrees. Lexa, a bit confused about Clarke’s decision, gives her an ultimatum: Emerson gets banishment or death by 41 cuts from her hand. Ouch!

Clarke comes face-to-face with Emerson. He calls her a murderer as his two kids died in Mount Weather. He tells Clarke that he doesn’t want any mercy, just revenge. And that Clarke’s pain is just beginning.


Oh hello Titus, what are you doing in Clarke’s room? He tries to convince her to not go with the ‘blood must not have blood’ road, but she refuses. He tells her details of things that Clarke has done which he shouldn’t know (like the destruction of Mount Weather and the residents inside). Finally, it’s time for Clarke’s decision on Emerson. She decides to spare his life as she justifies it by saying “I wouldn’t be killing you for what you’ve done. I would be killing you for what I’ve done”. Lexa is pleased and Emerson gets to live.



Kane and Octavia’s plan: Is Pike dead yet? No he isn’t but we believe the fans have thought up his death in their minds heaps of times, right? Yep, thought so. Anyways, Octavia and Kane have rebelled and are spying on Pike and his followers. Octavia watches two of the followers hunt down a Grounder kid after he sees them taking soil samples. She saves the kid and is forced to keep quiet as acid burns her face. Pike’s obviously planning some huge as they were willing to kill a kid over keeping it a secret.


Back at Arkadia, Kane gets a guard to place a bug in Pike’s office so they can listen in on his plans. They overhear a plan to wipe out a village of Grounders so they can use their land and start planting. Octavia heads to the village to warn the Grounders about the attack. One of the Grounders recognises her as one of the people in the battle at Mount Weather and takes that as a threat and attacks her, but the kid who she saved speaks up for her.


Kane tells Abby that he feel guilty because he was the one who demanded an election and now Pike is in charge. Abby reassures Kane that there is hope by kissing him on the cheek (FINALLY).


The Grounder leader says they’ll all leave the village however it’s all a trap and he knocks Octavia out. As Bellamy and the army move in for the kill, Octavia escapes and tries to warn them about the Grounders plan. But it’s too late. Flaming arrows are shot and hit a trap with the burning acid on it killing Monroe (R.I.P. MONROE). This comes to the conclusion that there are traitors in the camp and that one of them must’ve told Octavia about their plan. The Grounders find Octavia again.



Jaha’s chips: Raven is pain-free and living it up all thanks to Jaha’s chip. She’s even reached the City of Light. Abby isn’t too sure, but Raven is back to work. Jaha has been recurring more and more people to this new ‘religion’ and Jasper is very tempted.


A.L.I.E. and Jaha reveal what they actually came to Arkadia for: to find a version of her code in old technology. Raven is a little suss but agrees to help nonetheless. And guess what? Raven doesn’t know who A.L.I.E. really is (awks). Jaha kept that from her and the fact that they’re trying to find a program to end the world. OKAY SURE JAHA!


Abby tests Raven’s blood and it shows that Raven is all cured thanks to the chip. But how?
Jasper comes to Raven and apologises for taking Finn’s ashes. Raven seems fine with it strangely enough and he asks her to give him one of the chips. She takes him to Jaha and A.L.I.E. and they say the chip will take away not just physical pain, but emotional. Jasper is about to take the chip when Abby stops him and ask to run some tests first. Jaha tells her that the chip inhibits pain receptors.


And what’s more suss? Abby asks Jaha if he would let Wells (his son) take it and he has no recollection of who he is until A.L.I.E. reminds him. OK WHAT’S GOING ON? Abby refuses to let anyone else take these chops until she investigates it further.

In a surprising little twist, Jaha, Raven, and A.L.I.E. realise that the second A.I. was on the 13th rocket called Polaris.

Where is Murphy? In another twist, Murphy is being held captive and tortured for information about Clarke by Titus. OH TITUS YOU SOB. The camera zooms out and we see the 13th station Polaris in the room. OH MY! Lexa’s entire village is called Polis (POLARIS). Things are happening.


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