The 100 recap: Blood must not have blood!

The 100 is all kinds of crazy right now. Last week saw the destruction of the Ice Queen and the betrayal of Bellamy as he joins Pike’s side in launching an attack on the Grounders sent to protect Arkadia.

We’re going to split the recap into the three main storylines present in the episode. Here’s our recap of season 3 episode 5 ‘Hakeldama’.

Firstly, THIS IS BRUTAL! Poor Lexa and Clarke having to see this! Pike and his army slaughtered over 300 Grounders who were sent to protect the Sky People. And Bellamy was apart of it… SERIOUSLY? Bellamy please reevaluate your life.


The City of Light: After being absent for two episodes, Jaha has returned back to Camp Arkadia with the artificial intelliegence, A.L.I.E. He discovers that Pike is now the Chancellor but that is the least of his concerns. He starts to spread the word about the City of Light.


Meanwhile, Raven is continuing to have trouble dealing with the pain in her leg. A.L.I.E mentions to Jaha that if he can get Raven to believe in the City of Light, others will follow. He offers her a computer chip that will make ‘the pain go away’ and tells Raven that ‘she has nothing to lose’. Although reluctant at first, she succumbs and swallows the chip. She then sees A.L.I.E standing on front of her telling her to “get back to work”.


Camp Arkadia: After the slaughter of the 300 Grounders, Lexa is out for blood. Octavia sneaks out of Arkadia (with the help of Kane) and finds Clarke, Lexa and an injured Indra. Clarke tells Lexa that she can get to Bellamy and he can get to Pike. Lexa is hesitant at first but then agrees.


Back at the camp, Octavia returns to find Lincoln arrested after defending one of the injured Grounders. She goes off at Bellamy and brings him to a private room where he finds Clarke waiting to talk to him.
Clarke tells Bellamy the Ice Queen is dead and that justice has been served for the people of Mount Weather. She questions why he let Pike and his army murder the Grounders. Bellamy tells Clarke that they’ve always been at war and Pike is the only one who understands that.


Thank you Clarke. SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK! She also apologises to Bellamy about leaving Camp Arkadia and how does he respond? He leads her on to believe he is sorry too, and then HANDCUFFS HER! Oh Bellamy you sly dog.


Luckily Octavia helps Clarke escape (Clarke totally electrocuted Bellamy, thank you @ god), she quickly reunites with her mum and then heads back to Lexa and Indra. Clarke convinces Lexa that ‘blood must have blood’ isn’t the answer and that she should not retaliate against the Sky People. This is either going to work really well or really bad.


Murphy and Emori: those two lovers getting caught up in criminal acts. Murphy had one of the computer chips with him in his bag and uh-oh. Guess what? One of the Grounders they came across actually recognised the symbol and took Murphy hostage while Emori hid. Hmm?

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