Haven’t heard of the Territory yet? Here’s why it’s a 2016 must-read

The second book in Sarah Govett’s ‘The Territory’ series, ‘The Territory: Escape’ is so close it’s almost cruel…


It’s 2059 and Noa has passed the exam, but her best friend from childhood, Jack, hasn’t. He’s being shipped off to the Wetlands and Noa is determined to rescue him, even though she has no idea how.


Jennifer is OBSESSED with the first book in the series and we totally don’t blame her.


Book pushing. We can get behind that.

Bob on Goodreads was full of praise for Noa:

“Noa is such an incredible heroine – so human and relatable – a welcome change from the almost super-powered girls of most other YA series I’ve read!”

Full review here.

Study breaks = books

Goodreads reviewer Jenn loved watching the characters in pain…

“It was different from the first but in a good way, Noa and Raf leave the Territory and try to survive in the wetlands. I loved the detail that went into each aspect of their survival. It was believable, they didn’t just waltz in easily. They struggled, and I LOVED it.”

Full review here.

Tabbing books is just addictive…

You’re totally dying to get your hands on now, right? Grab yourself a copy.

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