Temara Melek’s ‘Karma’s Not Pretty’ Video- 5 Things You Need To Know

It’s time for another 5 Things You Need To Know about another new fab music video! Today’s offering comes from Temara Melek and her poptastic new single ‘Karma’s Not Pretty’.

1Temara likes writing on the walls
The video sees Temara writing lyrics from the song on the wall in bright pink whilst the naughty male who Temara is throwing “karma” at stands beneath them. This video shows a whole different side to the doghouse…

2She’s got some hot model friends!
There’s no shortage of eye candy in this video at all. The two boys (including Wizards Of Waverly Place star Greg Sulkin!) that Temara performs alongside in this video are H-O-T. Don’t worry boys, Temara and the girl playing her bff in the video are very easy on the eye too!

3Temara puts the “a” in karma… literally!
At one point in the video, Temara sits down in a pile of her ex’s thrown to the ground washing and takes the place of the letter “a” in the word ‘karma’ that has co-incidentally formed in the clothes on the floor.

If you visit Maximum Pop! at lot then you’ll know we love a good bit of confetti and Temara is not one to disappoint. She blasts her multi-coloured confetti ALL OVER that naughty ex of hers! GO TEMARA, GO!

5The video makes the song a whole lot better!
Even though we were already in love with ‘Karma’s Not Pretty’, this video makes us enjoy it at least 57.8% more. It’s so great we just want to watch it again and again, ensuring that the song is stuck in our head even more than usual!

Now you’re all informed on what to look out for, you can check out the music video below:

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