Teen Wolf recap: Transformation

Last week’s episode of Teen Wolf ended with a major cliffhanger with the reveal of the Beast. If you still haven’t watched the episode, do NOT continue reading.

Yes, Mason was revealed as the Beast and we were shocked. So what happened next? Read our recap of S5 EP 19 “The Beast of Beacon Hills”.


Despite Corey’s efforts to hide Mason, The Dread Doctors find them and take Mason back to their lair and use him to revive the original Beast (uh-oh).

Thanks to Mama McCall, we learn that Mason is a genetic chimera all because he “ate his twin” in utero. Awks. But it makes sense. After Scott, Liam and Theo find Mason, it’s too late. Mason is hooked up to something dead (we’re assuming the former Nazi werewolf). They call out to him to which he responds “that’s not my name”.

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Enter the true Beast. Crap. These things always go from bad to worse. However, thanks to the Argents and Parrish, they managed to subdue the Beast. Now here’s the real twist. The Beast didn’t transform back into Mason but Sebastian – the Man of Gevaudan. The original Beast is back *cue internal screams*.


The Dread Doctors were actually helpful (and spoke english) this week, as they explained to Theo why Mason was chosen to revive the Beast:

Your failure taught us one thing: the banality of evil. That you were, and would always be, an ordinary evil. … We believed that to resurrect the perfect killer, we had to start with the perfect evil. From you, we learned true evil only comes from corrupting something truly good.”

The Desert Wolf: Corinne has entered the McCall residence and Braeden has trapped her inside with mountain ash. Malia was last seen in the house but did she escape? Or will Corinne finally kill her daughter? Ooooh!

Stiles and Lydia: Even though there were no romantic scenes between these two, we still swoon every time they look at each other. STYDIA WILL RISE. Take a look at some of our fave Stydia moments this week.

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Kira went off to find the skin-walkers so they could help her find the balance between human and fox. But it does come at a price. Kira, be careful! We need you!

And Deucalion has something planned up his sleeve, mark our words!

Also, how epic was this? We laughed! Same!

And our laugh-out-loud moment goes to Stiles. He is basically us if we ever got handed a gun!

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