Teen Wolf recap: “She saved him.”

It’s Teen Wolf season finale time! And we’re dead. We don’t think we survived that fast-paced episode. And all those twists… woah! Definitely caught us off guard.

We’ve recapped S5 EP20 ‘Apotheosis’ for you beautiful people.

The Beast has finally fallen. And who do we have to thank? Yep, Allison. Say whaaatt? You definitely read that correctly. Allison saved the day and it was glorious. But how you may ask? Basically when the Beast dug his claws into Scott’s neck, flashes of Allison appeared which confused Sebastian causing Scott to take the opportunity to break free. YES QUEEN!


Things you should know:

  • Mason is alive! God bless Lydia and that beautiful voice of hers. Only the banshee could scream the Beast’s given name and help free Mason. And awww, Corey just happened to be there to catch him in time (so corny but cute af).

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  • Kira is so badass and the entire fandom is applauding her tonight. Thanks to Kira and the Skinwalkers, she managed to take down Theo and use his dead sister to literally drag him into hell. And after everything Theo has done, he had the nerve to beg for help. Please, just leave.


  • Malia had a little family reunion of her own with her mother still after her powers. But luckily Stiles gave Malia the blue talons to help take her mother down for good. Also, Stiles got a piece of glass jabbed in his shoulder, we stopped breathing for a few minutes.
  • A couple of plot twists happened tonight. Deucalion was actually working with Scott this entire time. Too bad Theo. And Chris Argent double-crossed his dear old dad because old dogs apparently don’t learn new tricks. Sorry Gerard.
  • Hayden is now a werewolf.
  • Kira sadly sad goodbye to Scott as she made a deal with the Skinwalkers to join them for ‘as long as it takes’ to control her powers. We’ll miss you Kira! Come back soon.
  • SHERIFF STILINSKI? “Welcome to your future career in law enforcement” – THIS IS SO CUTE, HELP US.
  • STYDIA! Look at them!

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The episode ended with something emerging from the Dread Doctors laboratory (it’s the Nazi werewolf). Bring on season 6.

Also, this scene made us cry. The original OT3 with an extra chair for Allison, WE’RE NOT CRYING, YOU ARE.


And here ends season 5. What did you think of the Teen Wolf finale? Tweet us at @maximumpop.

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