Teen Wolf recap: Maid of Gevaudan

Another week and another Teen Wolf recap. Nope, nope, nope, nope. We are done! Too many things happened and we need oxygen. Teen Wolf was so lit this week because of two reasons. Crystal Reed was back and the identity of the Beast was revealed.

Here’s a rundown of what happened in S5 E18 ‘Maid of Gevaudan’.

Let’s just talk about that opening scene though. We flashback to 1760, where a man named Sebastian and his comrade seek shelter in a woman’s house. She tells them that there is a creature of the night on the run. Yep, it’s the Beast. And guess who has to fight it? Yep, the Maid of Gevaudan aka Marie aka the best hunter out there. ENTER CRYSTAL REED! YASSSS!


Gerard and Chris tell Lydia the story of how Marie killed the Beast.

1970: Sebastian – who turns out to be Marie’ brother – returns home after surviving the attack from the Beast. Because she’s the best hunter out there, the people all want her to hunt the Beast and kill it. She agreed and went out with a posse however was one of the only survivors after their first encounter. Thank god for mountain ash right?


As Marie regroups with everyone else, she secretly puts wolfsbane in everyone’s glass of wine to single out the Beast in its human form. One guy flinched and Marie immediately took him outside to question him. He gives her a key to the cellar and asks her to look inside. Uh-oh, dead bodies everywhere. Dammit.


Plot twist. Marie fins out that the guy is covering for the real Beast – her brother, Sebastian. Oooooh. She confronts him and realises that her brother doesn’t feel any remorse for what he’s done. Sebastian tells her he isn’t worried because he knows Marie wouldn’t kill her family – or so you thought SEBASTIAN!


SLAY MARIE. QUEEN! Guys, it took her three years to finally find the Beast and kill it. The spear she used was combined mountain ash, wolfsbane and her blood. Yep, thank you and goodbye Beast. Nice knowing you.

Present day: The Argents tell Lydia that they aren’t so sure they need Parrish to defeat the Beast, just her. Lydia blatantly tells the men that “I’m not an Argent, and I’m not Allison”. DAMN GIRL! But the truth must be told.


Present day, Beacon Hills: Continuing from the last episode, the Beast 2.0 is wreaking havoc at the school. Liam barely survived his run-in with the Beast (still can’t believe he thought he could take it on, ok Liam). Stiles almost passed out after seeing all the blood (same Stiles, same).


Scott ended up being a hero and going after the Beast (like a true alpha should, to be honest). But this would’ve hurt!!


Oh and can we please take a moment because Scott basically revealed his werewolf abilities to a whole bunch on students. Wolfs out of the bag now. Scott got beat up real bad, Liam tried to help and Braeden came into all guns blazing (literally!).


Thankfully, Scott managed to pick up the Beast’s scent. Liam and Scott end up at someone’s car, open the trunk and find the bloody shoes that belong to the Beast. GUESS WHO IT BELONGS TO?


MASON! Crap! Liam’s face. And then Corey appears out of nowhere and turns himself and Mason invisible aka kidnapping (sort of). Dammit Corey, really? But ok. GIVE US NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE NOW PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

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