Teen Wolf recap: The Hellhound, The Fox and the Beast

Another instalment of Teen Wolf has come and gone, and we’re back to recap everything you may have missed (but seriously, how could you miss it? It’s a great show).

Although not as brilliant as the last two episodes, and lack of continuity after saving Lydia from her near-death experience, here’s our recap of season 5 episode 17 ‘A Credible Threat’.


The episode opens with Chris Argent keeping an eye on Parrish to see where he goes when the hellhound takes over during the middle of the night (also a moment of silence for Parrish in his basketball shorts, bless).


Oh look, the hellhound wants to fight the Beast. Good luck buddy, you’re on your own with that one.


Mama McCall is always prepared for a visit from the Desert Wolf with a little mountain ash.


Scott and Kira sexy scene. Kissing time, sure why not.


Meanwhile, Corey wants to leave town (good idea) however Mason convinces him to stay and that he “needs him”. Hmmm? Also Mason figures out that the Beast always attacks near a transmission source. A clue perhaps? Oh and the bad news? There’s news coverage of the lacrosse game at Beacon Hills High that night, enemies of the beast beware.


The gang thinking up of a plan to capture/stop the Beast from attacking at the lacrosse game (this is also the only scene Lydia is with the gang. She seems to be fine after having a hole drilled into her head, sure ok).


Plan A: find Coach at the rehab centre and convince him to ‘coach’ the charity lacrosse game and forfeit therefore preventing the Beast from killing any innocent people.


Lydia finds Parrish critically injured in the library and brings him to see the Argents. It seems the only way to help Parrish is to communicate with the hellhound itself. Oooooh.


Scott informs his pack that he recovered quickly after his injury from Theo in case Plan A doesn’t work. Being around the gang helps him become stronger (where is Lydia? Bye). Oh and guess what? Coach doesn’t forfeit the game. Bye Plan A. Uh-oh, it’s game on!


Mason is useful this episode and begins searching the opposition’s shoes with Corey to find a match to the Beast.

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Plot twist. After Lydia talks with the hellhound we find out that Parrish actually died back when the bomb went off in Afghanistan. Basically, since that moment, he hellhound was been using Parrish’s body as a meat suit. Damn it Teen Wolf. Can’t deal.


Who was the one that said Kira was fine? She is NOT fine. The Fox is out of control and engages in a battle with one of the girls. Scott to the rescue? Not quite. She’s a little out of control. #HelpKira2K16

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While Malia was disconnecting the news transmissions, she’s interrupted by her mother. Oh god, it’s not full moon back off sister. Leave her.

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I know we’re still all riding the Stydia cloud from last week but the look on Stiles’ face when the Desert Wolf asked Malia if she was trying to protect him was pure gold. But hmmm Stalia? Yay or nay?


Oh crap. The Beast has awoken and Liam thinks he can take it on. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry?

However, the best part was the promo for next week’s episode. CRYSTAL REED IS BACK! Thank you powers that be. What did you think of this week’s episode? Let us know at @maximumpop.

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