Taylor Swift told the world how she wrote ‘Blank Space’ and it’s more of a process than you would think

Have you ever wondered how Taylor Swift wrote ‘Blank Space’? Well we finally know the answer to that question.

Speaking to NME she revealed that writing ‘Blank Space‘ was a process that took years to finish. Taylor started off just writing down lines that she liked like ‘Darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream’ and then fit them together to make one epic song.

She also mentioned the theme of the song, which is basically the image the media has of her and created the character she plays in the music video from this perception.

‘Blank Space’ is about the misinterpretation of her personality in the media and the song itself was misunderstood in more ways than one as well, the funniest being people hearing her sing about ‘lonely Starbucks lovers’.

And if you need some footage of Taylor Swift looking as gorgeous as ever, check out the behind the scenes footage from her NME cover shoot.


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