The future of travel? Petition: Play Taylor Swift’s ‘Welcome to New York’ for every flight into the city

Sometimes here at MP! we miiiiight get a little over excited when certain big popstars, such as Taylor Swift, bring out new music. That’s why after hearing new track ‘Welcome to New York’ (if you haven’t heard it – don’t worry, we won’t judge – there’s a preview below) we decided to make sure the whole world could enjoy it too.

We have decided to launch a global petition to persuade Air Travel Companies to play the banger every time a flight lands in NYC, reasonable request, right? We could even break the world record for the largest pop plane sing-a-long. Imagine that…it would be a happy day for the pop world. Our petition needs YOU and it can be signed here.

What do you think?

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Written by Oliver Meakings

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