Taylor Swift has just as many followers on Twitter as the UK has people . . . We bow to you Queen!

We can barely get through the day at the moment without a new achievement from Queen Tay. Today is no different . . .

Because Miss Swift has gained a staggering amount of followers, numbers that us normal folk could only dream of, an amount so out of this world we hat to take a quick walk outside to regain a normal breathing pattern . . . are you ready?

60 MILLION . . . Yes you read that correctly!

That is like having almost every UK citizen following you or

The population of California AND Texas follow you!

She is literally knowing out the competition right now . . . well maybe not physically . . . or is she?

Nah we love you Tay, you deserve it.

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We’re kind of wishing this One Direction/Ed Sheeran mash up becomes reality pls.

If Taylor Swift joined Paramore it would sound like this and it’s fudging great