Myths Busted: Are Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston shooting a music video?

There has been so much drama surrounding Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston lately and there’s a huge rumour that’ll knock your socks off once you’ve read about it.

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In short, people think that their relationship is one big elaborate music video. It’s actually quite possible, read on to find out.


There’s a possibility she’s going to do a Beyoncé and drop a ‘Lemonade’ on us, a visual album per se.

Why on earth would she do that? Well Tay has two-year gaps between each album and it’s coming up to the second anniversary of ‘1989’.  If she is planning on dropping a video, it could easily be released in September. Before the anniversary of ‘1989’ and just in time for The Emmys, which Tom is rumoured to be nominated at. A great way to boost publicity, right?

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Not to mention all the paps following them around! Both Tom and Tay are quite private people and are typically good at keeping the public eye away, but this is just crazy. All the images have been captured by the same paparazzi agency too. Coincidence?


It’s strange how this entire conspiracy perfectly fits in with the ‘Wildest Dreams’ video too. A fake on-screen relationship.


We’re pretty convinced it’s going to be an insane piece of performance art or music video. If it turns out not to be, their relationship is a fairytale dream.

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