Taylor Swift tells One Direction to “Shut The F**k Up” at the VMAs. POP BITS

POP BITS. It’s a joyous pop occasion where giant musical megastars come together and are given a moonman to celebrate their awesome audiovisual contributions to America and the world. If you’re really lucky (like in Taylor Swift’s case), you might even get interrupted by Kanye West and be told you’re inferior to Beyonce. Last night was no different to any other VMA and was full of celeb hotness and scandal, like some form of pop version of Desperate Housewives.

Whilst 1D were presenting the award for ‘Best Pop Video’, Swifty turned to her mate, Selena and mouthed the words “Shut the f**k up”- What a Bitter Betty!?! Isn’t it time they moved past this? It looks like the Hazza song might be coming along sooner than we think.

To add insult to injury, Taylor’s partner in crime, Ms. Gomez had to leave to collect the award from the 1D boys when her video for ‘Come and Get It’ won the title of ‘Best Pop Video’. POP BITS OUT.

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