SHE DID IT AGAIN: Taylor Swift proves yet AGAIN she is the nicest pop star of all time.

We feel a bit like we are becoming a broken record always giving Taylor Swift praise and saying she is the nicest pop star of all time but SHE IS THE NICEST POP STAR OF ALL TIME.

Taylor Celebrate

She’s truly outdone herself this time, not just being all for her fans when it really matters and at her concert etc, this may not be as good as Swiftmas but it comes pretty close.

Swizzle was driving along minding her own business when she spotted a fan wearing her T-Shirt, so instead of driving past and getting on with her very busy life, like most of us would, she stopped.



She stopped, got out to say hi and take some snaps with the very unsuspecting fan, WHY IS SHE SO NICE.


Did we also mention, she’s so flawless.

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