We’ve got a Taylor Swift song for every possible occasion from your parents’ wedding to your cat’s birthday

Ever found yourself in a situation or at an occasion where you don’t know which Taylor Swift song to blast? We’re here to help. Tay’s music is perfect for everything and anything, but choosing the ideal song is a little harder.


From your parents’ wedding to your cat’s birthday, from English class to a masquerade ball, here are the Tay Swift songs for every occasion.

1) Your 22nd birthday (or any birthday, this one is a banger)

2) When you have to read Romeo and Juliet at school but just don’t get it

3) Your parents’ wedding

4) When you’re strutting down a catwalk with Karlie Kloss

5) At a sleepover with your mates having a little gossip

6) When you’re at a masquerade ball and dancing with a stranger

7) Singing to your cat on its birthday

8) When the haters are hate, hate, hate, hate, hating

9) If someone called John is being mean

10) When you throw a Taylor Swift-themed party

You can pretty much use any Taylor Swift song for anything – the list is endless. Tay’s music is always great for break-ups too, she is the love song queen. Have you ever been in any of the situations above and blasted a little Tay? Tweet us @maximumpop and tell us your fave Taylor song, obvs we love her a lot.

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