We’ve chosen our top 5 Polaroids of Tay Swift down from 65, it took a while.

If there’s anything we’ve wanted more than the 1989 album or to be Taylor tbh, it’s to own a Polaroid camera.  They’re so retro and hip, plus Taylor used it for the 1989 album artwork, BEAUTIFUL.

So in honor of the amazing photos Taylor took and the fact she’s boosted sales of Polaroids (is there anything she can’t do?), we’ve decided to narrow down the 65 photos she took for the album, down to our fave 5. 65 to 5, this is a tough job guys.


taylor 1

We chose this one because its so mysterious, you can’t really see Tay’s face. Is she sulking? Is she thinking? Is she very awkwardly asleep?! Who knows, only Tay. Plus, those long legs.


taylor 4

Taylor looks caught of guard, but still beautiful and isn’t that outfit to die for? We need to take some Style (get it?) tips from Taylor.


taylor 5For some reason this picture reminds us of ol’ country Taylor, we’re not entirely sure why. Maybe it’s the hat, or the fact her hair is back and looks slightly curly? We love her anyway.

Number 4

taylor 3Two Taylors are better than one, let’s be honest.

Last but not least…


taylor 2 maybeThis one is so similar to the album cover, we can’t not love it! Plus its one of the few where Taylor is laughing/smiling/looking happy.

There’s a million more we would have chosen, it was so hard to narrow it down, do you think we missed some of the best out? Tweet us @maxiumpop with your fave polaroid.


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