24 reasons why Taylor Swift is the nicest person on planet, like ever.

The universe is getting their knickers in a twist over the new Taylor Swift album. Tay Tay herself has said it’s going to be her first pop album and by the sound of ‘Shake It Off’ we’re going to have it on repeat for another 2 years.

Our friends @tswiftlately have wracked their brains and come up with 24 reasons why Taylor Swift is the nicest lady on the planet. Secret listening sessions for fans, meet and greets, pizza parties and more.

1. She’s friendly with paparazzi
One time, when it was raining, Taylor shared her black umbrella with a paparazzi that was following her to take some pictures of her! We can’t think of anyone else who would do that…

2. She’s nice to her fans
She loves Swifties so much. She secretly likes to stalk Swifties’ Twitter/Tumblr and Instagram accounts. She also replies to some Swifties’ posts with adorable comments. Once, she gave a Swiftie  wise love advice! So, do you want to ask Taylor for love advice?

3. She invited her fans to her house?!
Can you believe it? Around 178 fans got the chance to meet Ms. Taylor Alison Swift in person for about 3 hours! At her house, fans got to hear all songs from her upcoming album, 1989, take polaroids with Taylor, hold her golden Grammys, and see Olivia + Meredith!

4. She gave a fan 90 USD 
Remember when Tay Tay went to Central Park? She helped a fan off a rowing boat, had an in-depth conversation with her about her birthday, then gave her $90 to spend at Chipotle.

Taylor Swift interview at the pond in Central park, NYC

5. She’s a sweetheart!
Taylor once made a charity song called ‘Ronan’. The song is about a beautiful boy who died. She performed it live in 2012 and it was very emotional.
6. Taylor is totally a humble person!
She’s won several awards in the music industry and she’s always surprised and thankful to everyone who support her.
7. She’s nice to her friends
Once, she invited all of her friends to hang out with her and celebrate the 4th of July.
8. She visits fans who are ill & might not be able to attend concerts
One of Taylor’s million awesome qualities is she loves to visit fans who aren’t quite well enough to come to one of her concerts and party. When Taylor visited them, Taylor sang, played instruments, took photos, and drew with them together and happily!
9. She shows up at a bridal shower
Gena, a fan of Taylor, invited Taylor to her wedding and bridal shower in Ohio. She couldn’t come to the wedding, but there was a bridal shower. Taylor said that she had never been to a bridal shower, so she flew to Ohio and surprised Gena. She also brought some gifts for Gena! How sweet!

10. She donates her money for charity
In 2013, Taylor was the most charitable celebrity. Here’s some of her acts for charity:
-She donated $100,000 to the Nashville Symphony in 2013
-She donated $4 million to an education centre

-She donated $500,000 to Nashville Flood Relief in 2010

11. Sometimes she goes against her bodyguard
in 2012, Taylor’s bodyguards said “You can’t meet your fans.” Then Taylor got mad and said “Shut up. I can ugh.” Then Taylor walked to the fans who were waiting and gave them her autograph.
12. She made a u-turn just to follow a fan.

Taylor was driving near a mall and saw a girl with her tour t-shirt. So Taylor made a U-turn and followed the girl. The girl was probably 11. Taylor found her in a video-game store,  walked up to her and said, “Hi. I wanted to meet you.” The girl had no idea what to say for around 3 minutes. Then the girl’s mom showed up, burst into tears and told Taylor that they drove to Nashville from Texas just to see where Taylor was discovered.

13. She hosted t-parties and Club RED just to meet her fans after shows!
T-Swizzles mum has a great eye for true Swifties, if you’re a lucky one at her gigs you can be invited backstage afterwards for a pizza party.

14. She has a great sense of style. 
Did you see Taylor’s candid in New York? She has super-great sense of style. She always looks gorgeous every day even after she’s been at the gym.
050914-taylor-swift-1-567 tumblr_na88g6O7lg1qb86xno1_1280 taylorswiftfashionstyle
15. Super-talented girl!
Don’t think that Taylor can only sing and break records. This girl, likes to paint! Once, she posted on her Instagram, her artistic painting of flowers. She can play piano and guitar very well. The important thing is SHE WRITES ALL OF HER INSPIRING SONGS and it’s very relatable to us all.
16. No It’s Becky.
I think you are familiar with these three words. Taylor took this fans joke and put the words on to her shirt. She also made a joke by editing her 1989 album cover with her no it’s becky t-shirt!
17. She doesn’t do lip-sync
Taylor NEVER does lip-sync. She said once that fans deserve the real voice. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to see her live you’ll know she sounds exactly like she does on her record, even with all the dancing and high notes!
18. She won a national poetry contest.
At the age of 10, she won a national poetry contest. The poems title was a “Monster In My Closet”.
19. Grammys
Remember her second album, ‘Fearless’? That incredible album won 4 Grammys including ‘Album Of The Year’ and ‘Best Country Album.’ She’s a 7 time Grammy award winner. We’re so proud.
20. Amazing actress 
Taylor is also good at acting. She took a role in ‘Valentine’s Day’ and ‘The Giver; movie. She’s also the voice of Audrey in The Lorax – Christ we love her.
21. She loves cat so much
Now, Taylor has 2 adorable cats! One is Meredith Grey and the other one is Olivia Benson. Both are very famous! Once, Taylor took Olivia for a walk around NYC.
22. Pinnacle Award
In 2013, Taylor received four CMA Awards including  the ‘Pinnacle Award’. That’s like the beast of ALL awards.
23. She’s made history
At the age of 23, Taylor is the only female artist (the fourth artist ever) to have an album (Speak Now and Red) hit the 1 million first week sales figure.
24. Shed load of awards!
Guess how many awards Taylor has won? 78? 100? No, it’s 227. Including Academy of Country Music Awards, American Country Awards, GRAMMYS, ARIA Music Awards, ASCAP Awards, Billboard Awards, Brit Awards, BMI Awards, Canadian Country Music Association, Canadian Fragrance Awards, Capital Twitter Awards, CMA, CMA of Australia, Country Music Channel, CMT Awards, Golden Globe Awards, iHeart Radio Awards, Guinness Book of World Records, MTV awards, and many more!
We could probably list another 24 reasons here BUT the conclusion we can all draw from this is Taylor is the most amazing, talented, humble and beautiful human ever. Can she please be our best friend so we can bake together and dance in the refrigerator light pls?

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