17 things Taylor Swift will get up to during her long break from music, mostly involving cats

The time has come where we must let Taylor Swift enjoy life, chill out and forget about the stress of releasing new music. Her beau Calvin Harris has confirmed she is indeed “about to take a long break.” How will we live without Taylor in our life 24/7?!


We have to admit defeat and see Taylor through her break, she has worked her socks off with ‘1989‘ and deserves time to chill! Here are some of the super normal things we think she’ll get up to during her time off.

1) Open a cat cafe


2) Write an open letter to Spotify

3) Throw the biggest NYC street party ever


4) Adopt a new kitten each month


5) Create her own kitty fashion line, meow

6) Write her autobiography – we think ‘Wildest Dreams‘ would be a great title

7) Permanently RETIRE

giphy (99)

8) Star as Catwoman in a movie reboot


9) Become a scientist and create a new breed of cat

10) Release a baking book featuring all her favourite sweet treats



12) Release a range of cat collars

13) Legally change her name to Becky


14) Publish a cat encyclopedia, featuring Meredith and Olivia obviously

15) Shave her hair off for charity

download (2)

16) Become a Broadway star

17) Secretly write a new album and surprise release it

giphy (100)

Our list is pretty good and probably very accurate (not retiring though, she’d never do that to us) but Taylor could do literally anything she wanted, swim with dolphins, kiss a frog, take up hip-hop dancing. Is there anything else you think Tay would do? Let us know @maximumpop with your kookiest idea.

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