It’s July ninth, that only means one thing… Happy ‘Last Kiss’ Day!

HAPPY ‘LAST KISS’ DAY EVERYBODY! It’s July 9th so we must must must celebrate ‘Last Kiss’. No, it’s not a year since we had our last kiss it’s been much longer than that, it’s the day that Queen of the World Taylor Swift references in her song ‘Last Kiss’, duh. God, where have you guys been for the past four years and nine months?



We love a good anniversary celebration here on Maximum Pop! and if we can celebrate a year since Harry Styles favourited some porn then we can sure as hell celebrate one of our fave Taylor Swift songs like… ever.

That July ninth, the beat of your heart. It jumps through your shirt, I can still feel your arms

Oh God, we’re crying already.

Rumoured to be about Taylor’s ex flame Joe Jonas, ‘Last Kiss’ has struck a chord with not only her fans, but a few celebrities, too. Let’s have a look shall we?



Well done celebs, you chose well!




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