Taylor Swift in a new John Green film adaptation? If only it were true

Rumours have been swirling as of late that our Queen Tay Tay could be starring in the next John Green teen novel to be turned in to a blockbuster movie.

‘Looking For Alaska’ is the next book heading to the big screen but unfortunately John himself has shot down rumours that Taylor will be starring in the film. We are gutted! It has been far too long since Valentine’s Day and Bad Blood, although was epically awesome, was not long enough to fulfil those big screen desires.

Talking on his personal twitter the Paper Towns writer said

“I made a joke about how she should play every role like Eddie Murphy in Norbit. It was clearly a joke… Taylor is tremendously talented and I’m a HUGE fan, but 1. I don’t cast movies… and 2. I think she’s busy being the world’s biggest pop star.”

For now we have to settle enjoy the company of Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne…

It is alright for us to beg for Taylor the bad blood slayer to appear in ‘Looking For Alaska’ right? I can sense a petition coming on.

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