Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and supermodel Cara Delevingne all duetting? Can we sign them up for an album already? Pop Bits.

POP BITS. Superstar singers and duet partners Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have joined forces with supermodel pal Cara Delevingne for a bit of a sing-song at the house of a US ambassador. Nice. Our last party had drunken Twister, but we don’t like to brag.

Taylor revealed the clip on her Instagram account as the unlikely trio did a pretty good cover of The Knife’s ‘Heartbeats’ and wowed the guests – but then again, when you’ve got an American global superstar, her British best friend singer-songwriter pal, and the goofiest, funniest supermodel in the world all together, you’re already likely to be impressed right? We want a proper single from these three ASAP. That is all. POP BITS OUT.

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Written by Maximum Pop!

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