Taylor Swift’s busy putting others before herself as usual. What a gal

We aren’t sure how many times we can say Taylor Swift is the nicest pop star on the planet, but Taylor Swift is the nicest pop star on the planet.

The massive babe has donated 55,000 US Dollars to her backing dancer’s 13 month old nephew who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Does she ever stop… the best part is we know she would do this for even some she didn’t know personally.

Taylor’s dancer ‘Toshi’ uploaded this heartbreaking post on Instagram and within hours Swizzle had raised the game and donated 55,000 big US dollars…

Taylor is known for holding cancer close to her heart after he mum was diagnosed in April this year, which lead to her donating an equal sum of $55,000 to a fan Naomi Oakes in June to cover the medical expenses for her leukaemia treatment.


Actually the nicest pop star and human alive.

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