Taylor Swift to star alongside David Beckham and Adele in spy flick. POP BITS

POP BITS. Yesterday we reported that Conor Maynard is planning his move to the big screen and today, we learned that Taylor Swift is following up her role in Valentines Day by starring in a spy flick.

Although Taylor would make an excellent Bond girl (and probably write an amazing song after 007 left her like he does with all the girls he meets), she will not be appearing in the next Bond movie. Swifty is rumoured to be starring alongside Colin Firth, Samuel L Jackson plus David Beckham AND Adele (random) in The Secret Service.

For the role, the ‘Love Story’ songstress had to follow a strict martial arts training routine in order for her to kick some butt. Harry Styles better hope he doesn’t come across her before she let’s out all her frustration in a song, because we don’t think a plie will be enough to protect him from Taylor’s fists of fury now!

The Secret Service is due to hit cinemas in 2014 and we can’t wait to see Ms. Swift in action. POP BITS OUT.

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