Justin Bieber can’t stop covering Taylor Swift: It’s time she returns the favour

Justin Bieber is obsessed with Taylor Swift. This is fact.

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First, he showed off his ‘Lip Sync Battle’ skills with ‘Teardrops On My Guitar’. Now, he’s returned to his YouTube roots (via Snapchat) by covering ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ acoustically.

We’re certain Taylor is loving all the love from Justin but we think it’s time Taylor repaid the favour and covered some of his songs. So these are the songs that we want Taylor Swift to cover immediately.

1) ‘Sorry

2) ‘Boyfriend’ (but turned into ‘Girlfriend’)

3) ‘Confident

4) ‘Where Are Ü Now

5) ‘All That Matters

6) ‘Never Say Never

7) ‘What Do You Mean?

8) ‘Love Yourself

9) ‘Baby‘: Because you’ve just GOT to cover a classic.

Don’t let us down, Taylor. You’ve got this.

What songs would you like Taylor Swift to cover? Tell us your JB faves @maximumpop

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