From social media to stage planning: Here’s how Taylor Swift changed the music industry

Taylor Swift has dominated the mainstream music bizz since ‘Fearless’ shot to the charts, but her defining country moment was with the release of ‘Tim McGraw’.


We all know Tay has some serious power, remember that Apple Music open letter? Life changing. But she’s had a subtle, yet still obvious impact more on the country music scene than you think.

Country music had typically been aimed towards 25-54 year olds, mostly 35+. Along comes Ms Swift who changed the game. John Shomby, director of programming at Nash Networking said “She introduced a new age group to this format because of her sound and because of her writing.”

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The internet and social media really came into play when MySpace popped up (you probably won’t remember the good ol’ MySpace days). Tay had amassed over 45m streams on her page, which allowed her label to use data to prove to the silly radio stations that Taylor did indeed have a following.

Compared to Shania Twain, Brad Paisley and even some major pop stars, Taylor puts on a show like no other. She put in place elaborate shows, which weren’t really a thing. Now, they’re an experience.

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Cranking out an album every 2 years had become pretty standard. Typically it would be 12-18 months but Tay has followed a 24ish month cycle, which has become increasingly popular.

Most importantly, she’s given young women a voice. The amount of women in country music had skyrocketed and they’re not afraid to let their voices be heard.  Kelsea Ballerini, a young country pop star is notable act to follow in T’s footsteps.

She’s changing the world one album at a time, roll on the next.


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