Taylor Swift drops another two clues – we are baffled!

The mystery of Taylor Swift’s surprises continues as she leaves us hanging with another two mysterious clues.

The second clue is her phone background of Olivia Benson chilling on a shelf below a drawing of New York City with the time on her phone saying 5:00.

The third clue was  a bit more confusing, with Taylor writing “this is clue #3” in Yahoo.

After doing our best Sherlock Holmes detective work, our best guess is that on 18th August (clue 1) at 5:00pm in NYC (clue 2) Miss Swift will debut a new single which relates to searching for something/someone? (clue 3) 

Then again, we’re no professionals at this, so it could mean that Taylor’s cat will be in an elevator in Yahoo HQ?


Oh, we don’t know. We’re no Miss Marple! 

So what do you think the surprise is? Think it could be what we’re thinking or something completely different? Give us your thoughts on this in the comment box below. 

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