Myths Busted: Is Taylor Swift singing on Calvin Harris’ ‘This Is What You Came For’?

It seems nobody can stop talking about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, although a super cool theory has popped up about them allegedly working together. Even after they said “NOPE. That ain’t ever happening.”*

*Wasn’t quite the exact quote there.

So rumour has it Tay is singing on Calvin’s hit ‘This Is What You Came For’ and thanks to the upload of the music video, the world has turned to chaos.

People have speculated some of the ‘oooh’s’ and ‘you’s sound like Taylor and the moments when Rih isn’t singing, it’s Tay. A little far fetched and we don’t hear it to be honest.

Another rumour is she actually wrote the song with Calvin.


Calvin Harris and Nils Sjöberg co-wrote the song together, however nobody has heard of Nils before. He literally popped up out the blue. Also on Wikipedia, Tay was listed as a co-writer then changed to Nils.


Obvious Wiki isn’t that reliable but John Newman made a small error by tagging Tay in a tweet about the track and then removed her.

So far there is zero deets on a Nils Sjöberg in the music industry, just a really cool Swedish artist who is getting mistaken for Taylor. He even addressed it. To be honest, we’d be cool if people thought he was her.

Neither Harris or Swift have touched on the rumour, which makes it all that more believable. We truly think Nils Sjöberg is an alias for Taylor Swift.

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